Make time for yourself Ft. Jean Claude Biguine

Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. Keep calm and make time for yourself 🙂 Hey ! What’s up? Under pressure of office/business work or about coming Monday 😀 ? Oh common, chuck it. It will always be there. I am not sure about you, but I am very excited about the day  because it is still Sunday guys 😉

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PeeBuddy: I want to avoid those dirty public toilets. Do you? ft PeeBuddy

Hi my Angels! I hope Sunday is treating you well.So today’s post is going to be an awareness post.Read till the end 🙂

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Boho Chic – Fashion On Budget

Hey Peeps! I am a bit lazy nowadays and also not much active on social media, ( comparatively 😉 ) as I have been suffering from viral fever.But yes, today I’ve decided to chuck this sick feeling and blog this one as it is pending since long.

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Cannes 2017 Reloaded

Hello Readers!  Cannes 2017? Oh yes , am all ears. As you  know , Cannes news is all around . I am not a big fan of the festival though, but yes I am a fan of latest fashion and makeup art. Beauties from all around the world slayed the red carpet and took us on a journey of glamour. Deepika Padukone also made her debut to the Cannes film festival this time and what was arresting in her look ? Yes! her eye make up indeed.

Today I am going to decode the eye makeup inspired by Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 look .


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Trend Alert: Gauchos/Culottes

If you know me how obsessed I am when it comes to loose, voluminous comfy outfits. And today we are  back with one of the such trend. Hello Peeps! How are you doing?

Yes ! it’s a delayed post as I literally had most exhausting past few days.Before directly jumping into the looks I’ve created , lets gather some bit of tech and knowledge about the title.So let me tell you that we are not the early adopter or explorer when it comes to Culottes.This fashion trend started back in Victorian era where in this piece of clothe which hangs like skirt and splitted mid-wise were developed for horse back riding so that women could sit astride rather than riding side-saddle.Not only for horse riding but the fashion was a success for many other purposes like cycle riding and playing tennis etc. Isn’t it cool?

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Brand Collaboration Ft. Much Love Store

Hello loves! Very good Morning and happy Wednesday :). Today’s blog post is all about my collaboration with one of the fashion brand – ‘Much Love Store’

This was a very special collaboration for me as this was my first.It was great fun working with Much Love Store.So, this brand happened to contact me for a collaboration when I was running with only few hundred followers, I must say.I fell in love with their basic designs and decided to go for the same.

                          @@ Short Summer dress @@

When you can’t deal with this warm weather then you want nothing but a summery simple go to dress . Keep it minimal and stylish. Here comes this piece of clothing from much love


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