Mint(pudina) chutney

Hello All! Hope you all enjoying this long weekend with tripping, tasty food and bla bla .. ;).

Lets make it more tastier by adding tint of this super super easy recipe of pudina chutney.

Well i surmise, Mint chutney goes well with anything like kebabs,as a sandwich base, roasted fish/chicken, egg , pakodas or any kind of bhajias.

So, here are the ingredients needed to make this recipe:

1- Fresh Mint(pudina).

2- Green Coriander leaves.

3- Very few slices of ginger.

4- Lemon juice. (my fav 😀 )

5- Salt (according to your taste).

6- Chopped Onion.


and now you need to put all these above mentioned ingredients to the mixer, keep it for 1-2 minute or less than that, depends on the quantity and yeah that’s all, Green mint/pudina chutney is ready to serve.


IMG_20160904_144216 (1)

Oh! I think i can tell  better ways of serving the same :). Want to know? Keep reading… Honestly speaking, this one is my mom’s secret recipe .I remember those days when i used to ask my mom ~  mummy hari wali chutney do na 😀 😛  . I wanted it badly,with each and every food she used to prepare for us. Anyways, here are the 3 ways i know we can serve Mint chutney,

1- Take 2-3 spoon of the chutney we prepared above, and blend it with 2-3 spoons of white Yogurt. Mix it well with spoon .


And here it what looks like after blending.This tastes yum with roasted chicken/fish and samosas . Or even sometime i use it as a dressing on my Veg/Non-Veg Salad .

IMG_20160904_145214 (1)


2- Take 2-3 spoon of the chutney in another bowl again, add very tiny amount of sugar powder in it. As i always take care of health so i prefer sugar free instead of normal sugar crystals.But yeah, again its all up to you guys. Add some water to make it more liquid.Can have this with Dhokla, Pakodas or any kind of bhajias. This is basically Gujrati style .

3- Now the last but not least, add some finely chopped onion to the chutney and blend it well.Can have with Bhel poori, chana masala or any such kind of stuff.

Health Benefits:

  • Great appetizer and palate cleanser which promotes digestion.
  • Also soothes Stomach in case of any inflammation.
  • Good for skin as well, great refreshment.

So what are you waiting for .Try out this at home and enjoy !

Thanks for popping in guys!.

Stay tune to more such recipe.

Stay healthy..Stay beautiful..Stay happy!

`~ Sheetal ~


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