Makeup Revolution Ultra blush pallet all about cream-Review

Hi my loves! Hope you all enjoying weekend and if not go watch TVF tripling play 😛

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Well, I am a huge huge fan of blushes.I just love them. And one of my favorite of all time is Makeup Revolution- Ultra blush pallet all about cream. Make up revolution is a london based cosmetic brand. To be honest, I have been using this product for quite some time now, but seriously totally forgot  to give my review on the same. I surmise its that one product which should be there in each and every girl’s vanity. Yes, my loves its that good. 🙂 .Moving on to the review

1- Packaging: It comes @ a very high end rich looking black color box having exactly 8 blushes per pallet and a quality mirror attached to it. This is how cardboard packaging looks like img_20160802_224238_hdr


and inside  you will get this must have pallet which is very light weight hence,travel friendly 🙂




and what i love most about the packaging Makeup revolution provided to this pallet is its big quality mirror.

2- Texture: As name stated, all the 8 shades are very creamy in texture (not at all shimmery)and is so pigmented that you need only one swipe of it and you are good to go.I love the creamy texture of these blushes on apples of my cheek as it gives very healthy look .

Below are the swatches of all 8 shades:



starting from neutral coral to subtle pink this pallet has all the lovely go to colors in it.


3- Staying power: I would say, staying power of these blushes is pretty good. Stays on for 6-7 hour without any retouch up and yes also very blend-able on skin.

4- what i like most?

  • its creamy texture.
  • very handy.
  • blends on skin quickly.
  • new color can be created by mixing combination as its creamy in texture.
  • 8 colors per pallet which shun the difficulty of buying/carrying too many blushes with you.
  •  very pigmented .
  • suitable for pale as well as Wheaties/medium skin tone.
  • lasts very long.

5- what i do not like?

uuuuu….. mmmmm…. nothing 🙂


I’ve used a little of coral blush in this photo




Can grab it from Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart.

It retails for 1350/- indian rupee which is i think pretty good for 8 blushes in a single pallet. Though I’ve got it in 850/- during Nykaa huge sale.

Do I recommend Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush pallet all about cream ?
Yes! Get it right away loves ! enjoy and till then..

stay happy…stay beautiful…stay stylish!





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