Basics to Brushes

Hey beauties! It’s TUESDAY! And since its CHOOSEDAY: Choose to Smile Choose to be Happy Choose to Love Choose to Bless Choose to be a Blessing bla ..bla …bla choose whatever you like but do read my blog 😛


Today, i am going to focus on basics of makeup. There are two crucial factors to great makeup.The first one being choosing the right shade no matter whatever makeup products you are going to buy and second one being apply them in the right way.

Starting with foundation brushes,so there are two types of brushes for the foundation application.

1- Flat foundation brush which looks like this:



To apply foundation initially Flat brush is great because this acts like flat surface as if you are patting on your skin with your fingers . Job of this brush is to paint your face all over  with the product . check out the brief demo how to do that.

Flat foundation brush use

You would apply the product as if you are applying with your hands. Also on a very important note you should work with this very gently  in downward stroke to flatten your facial hair down . If you use it in upward stroke it will uplift your facial hair which you obviously don’t want.You can work close to your features and pat the product down.

Now to really tone down what you have painted in above step you need a stippling or buffing brush .Take a look to the brush.


Job of this brush to even down the product by buffing what you have painted with flat brush. It gives a very subtle and dewy  look to your face and pop up  your key features out by polishing them. Its a great brush for liquid or cream product. So, if you are a cream blush lover like I am 🙂 then its a fabulous brush to go to.

Buffing Foundation with stippling brush

Heading towards the next step which is concealer application. Well, concealer is something to lift few spots of your face and brighten up. So the concept of concealer brushes is exactly same as we have read above about foundation brush . The only difference is in the size . For concealer we do have very small flat and fluffy brush as compared to foundation brush . Again, flat brush to paint the product let’s say around your eyes and fluffy brush to give it a finish look. Your eyes are good to brighten up now . 🙂 I personally prefer small beauty blenders to work on the eyes .


Moving towards next brush you should have is the contouring or powder brush.

Well, contouring is nothing but a technique to uplift your cheek bones which gives you a very sleek face . But again depends on face to face structure as i do have already very sleek face so i hardly go for it yes but again at the same time i can use it for some other great purposes which you guys will get to know in a separate blog of contouring 🙂 . Take a glimpse of the brush.


Pretty little note: On blush application note, I would like to advise to always  start applying blush at a distance of two fingers from the nose :).Believe me,You would see great result like a pro. 🙂

Blush Application with contour/blush brush

As i said before, you can use this brush for contouring as well. I tend to use this brush and my stippling foundation brush as a powder brush also as I do not see any need of buying a separate brush for the same provided that my brush is clean 🙂


Hmm… Well isn’t it a task or may be a question like how do i clean my damn delicate brushes ??? Oh gosh, now how do I do that ?

No worries !!! 🙂 BoonHalt beginners guide is here to help . BoonHalt is soon coming with  the blog on How to clean makeup brushes.

I hope after reading this you guys get some understanding of basic makeup brushes which must be  in your vanity.

What are you waiting for ?Go grab these brushes and start playing with them. 😀

I have used here my Real techniques Brushes and PAC beauty blenders.

For starting you can buy set of 4 real technique brushes exactly what you have read above from Amazon India or US Link is below:


Thanks for popping in !

stay happy…stay beautiful…stay stylish!


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