COLORBAR-All Day Eye Shadow Stick

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Better days are just around the corner 🙂 So celebrate and have a look below to my new blog post 😛

Today I am going to review a very exciting yet multipurpose stick and I named it ‘Wonder Pencil’.


So yes I am talking about ColorBar new Eyeshadow stick.Well, I rarely do eye makeup or may be can say depend on my mood occasionally. But Seriously guys I have been loving this beauty ever since I bought it and is my new obsession from the past few weeks.Let’s get started with the review.

1- Packaging: This Eyeshadow stick comes in  a silver color paper cart packaging and the box has all the details on top of it with the color code number.



And this is how the eye shadow stick looks . Black plastic  and have color indicator at the base .It comes in 4-5 shades which I like about the product most and the one I have  in my vanity is the shade number 004,  tend to more blue than green.( kind of bottle green color)


And the best part of the packaging I love is once you take out the base of the stick, you will find it comes with a sharpener and that’s how avoids purchasing a separate one for the same. So I would give YAY! to the packaging.


2- Texture and Swatch: The velvety texture of these sticks made me fall in love.Good for all type of skin.Specially Dry skin people are going to love it as they tend to have eye area more drier and because of the same reason they skimp on applying eye shadows or any sort of eye makeup.


3- Uses:  I call it Wonder Pencil because you can use this stick as :

a- Eye shadow : As its main purpose indicated by colorbar is to apply it as  an eye shadow . You just need to swipe the product on your eye lids and blend it with a blending brush or fingers as you wish. I prefer blending brush always. But yes you need to blend it immediately after its application because it sets very quickly in a smudge proof form which is a good thing 🙂 . You can always  build the intensity or color  with these sticks.


b- Eye Liner : Its a perfect colored eye liner :). As texture is very smooth its very easy to apply


c- Kajal Pencil : Sometimes I get bored with my black kohl pencil which I usually apply on my lower water line.But then, this wonder pencil gives me an option of colored kajal pencil 🙂 .And the best part is that it will never smudge  out (until & unless you want it to be like that) as compared to  any  black kohl pencil which will make your under eye area horrible sometime.So, thumbs up to this stick.


4- Staying power: Staying power is quite good.It stays 6-7 hr without smudging on the eyes.

What i like most?

  • Color indicator on stick is suffice to identify the color to buy.
  • Feathery texture which makes application so smooth.
  • comes with an attached sharpener so no need to buy an extra one.
  • Multi-purposed stick.
  • Water proof and Smudge proof.
  • Comes in 4-5 beautiful shades
  • very travel friendly.

What i do not like?

  •      Price is bit high for one stick . One Stick retail for 750/-INR

But the fact that it is multi-purposed stick can overcome the price factor.

Color Bar Eye Shadow stick available in Amazon, Nykaa .

I bought it from Health & Glow Drug store India. 🙂

Try it out guys and I am sure you gonna love it 🙂

Thanks for popping in !

stay beautiful…stay happy… stay stylish!


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