How to clean Make up Brushes/Beauty blenders


Hey Everyone! What’s up ! This is a DIY blog on how to clean makeup brushes and beauty blenders.Let’s get started…

Since we are discussing on cleaning the brushes , On a very important note, please do not ever use your dirty beauty blenders or any kind of brushes on your skin . As using  dirty tools can bring up the acne/pimples on your face within no time :(. So, do remember to clean your makeup tools every second or third day of its heavy use .

eeewwww! dirty brushes 😛


Aha!! I can feel you guys raising your brows on questioning how do i do that  ? 🙂 Well,  Do not worry its a very simple yet beneficial procedure.

1-Take a clean bowl or container and add any mild old Shampoo from your vanity.


2-Add hand wash.  I use cream  hand wash with soya and dettol extract.


3-Add any mild conditioner in the bowl to the mixture.  I’ve used my old dove conditioner which i do not use at all  for conditioning 🙂

Enter a caption

Mix them well and dab the brushes into mixture one by one.  Now there is a procedure to clean each brush in a different way. Concept is to clean the brush in the same way as they are meant to be use for application.  Confused? No worries take a look into the clips below I have shared to clean different kind of brushes.


  • The very first step I do is to spray any of my skin Toner to the bristles/sponge and  this step I will repeat before cleaning any of the brush/sponge because by doing so stubborn dirt or makeup product get loosened hence easy to clean.
  • Dip the brushes into the solution/mixture and then use your palm to move the brush on.And as I said earlier, we need to use  the brush  in the same way we use it while applying products. So what I mean, let’s say buffing brush needs to be clean in buffing or circular motion and the flat brush in up and down motion and yeah so on. Woah! Woah! one long ramble 🙂 😛 now  let’s watch it over here:

a- clean buffing/stippling brush:

First take a glimpse of these dirty buffing/stippling (eeewww!!)  brushes below.

b- clean flat foundation brush:

c-clean contour brush:


d- clean beauty blender:

After watching all these demo videos , I hope you guys get some idea and  good to clean any of your beauty tools to play safely with your skin. The concept remain same no matter what kind of brushes or blenders you are using.

And finally you will get this result :






HAPPY 🙂 :)

Do not use hair dryer or any sort of dryer to get it dry . Leave it for some hours like  as shown in the pictures and it will get dry soon.

For the Beginner’s guide on makeup brushes take a look :

Beginner’s Guide on Make Up Brushes

For any queries or suggestion please comment down below 🙂

Thanks for popping in !

stay happy…stay beautiful…stay stylish !



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