What is Primer? && First Impression/Review Nivea After Shave Balm as a Primer

Hey my loves ! Hope you enjoying Sunday evening , though it feels lazy day of week for some people ( including me :P) but I also do believe there is always new to learn and feel each Sunday 🙂 Now with that spirit on , Today I am going to review the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard and probably you as well in makeup world which is Nivea After shave balm. 😀 .Yes, indeed I was also like what???? Seriously???


But believe me after reading the whole story you gonna be fan of this. 🙂

Well moving on to what is primer? Basically, primer is the first step when it comes to makeup once you done with your skin care (cleansing + toning + moisturizing). Take  always 5 minute gap between application of primer on your skin and skin care routine.

Primer basically evens out your skin tone , reduces fine lines or redness and its that bridge or protective layer between your bare skin and makeup which protects your skin from products.

And all of this is temporary . Applying primer on a daily basis doesn’t mean you will get flawless skin. Its just  keep your makeup long lasting all the day as it is and also good to use as it reduces imperfections , filling you pores and gives sudden glow to your face (some primer not all). It blurs out open pores and makes your skin so smooth and that’s how products glides easily on 🙂

If you wear foundation and it feels after some time too cakey or flaky or its getting dried up , the primer really going to solve the problem. I would recommend primer if you have dry skin , oily skin, normal skin or even mature skin. Its really acts like a protective layer and you realizes that with primer less is more 🙂 and I love it because of this.

So there are different kind of primers face primer, eye primer , lip primer. Well, in this post we are talking about face primer. With this moving on to the next part which is review of Nivea After Shave balm as a primer.Yes you heard it right it can be used as a face primer before applying foundation. And not only I but many beauty bloggers have introduced this as a primer. Believe me it’s a best primer so far I’ve used. I do have Benefits pore fessional primer , makeup forever HD primer, Revlon photo insta primer and of course this one :P. But I have been in love with this Nivea Balm very much as compared to my rest high end primers. That’s weird but true :).

1- Packaging: This is the bottle which is glass by the way. The packaging is of course not exactly what is suppose to look like. it doesn’t come with any pump or any fancy stuff what we women are used to 😛 .Its just a simple glass bottle comes with screw on cap.Its Obviously look like more man stuff :p.



2- Consistency: of the product is neither extremely runny nor extremely thick but somewhere between which means its easy to blend on your skin as neither you have to rub it hard on your face nor have to get hold on it as its not too runny.Fragrance is like controversial 😀 which is obviously dude like ( at least for me :P) but no need to worry about as it fades away within a matter of few seconds .


3- How/Why as a primer?: Reason being high amount of glycerin content and flower extract in it which holds your makeup intact through out the day and also evens out the skin. And this a paraben  free product. Are you following me? yes you heard it right, it is paraben free which means it doesn’t contain any alcohol . I always try to use makeup products which are paraben free. After using this skin looks healthy, smooth and cared for.

4- Should I use this? Well, as it contains glycerin content  in it so it would work perfectly for normal to dry skin . By the way by normal skin I mean to say balanced skin type as this word is again debatable. It moisturizes your skin and adds bit glow to your makeup for which I would give thumbs up for this product.But yea, Oily skin people do not gain anything with this product not because its heavy ( its very light ) but because it doesn’t control the extra oil on your face which is sad for Oily skin people but we do have lot other primers in market for you people :).

I hope the read turns out to be beneficial one for you guys. Why do not you give it a try :). This bottle retails for 235/- INR for 100 ml which is very very cheap. This does come in different variations like for sensitive skin /Normal skin .The one I do have is for Sensitive skin type.

Thanks for popping in ! till then stay happy…stay beautiful…stay stylish !


4 thoughts on “What is Primer? && First Impression/Review Nivea After Shave Balm as a Primer

    1. Hi Shweta 🙂 , Primer is base which we apply before our makeup to make it last and also to fill fine lines and pores if any. Concealer is totally different , we use it to hide any dark spot or blemishes on our skin. We usually apply it after our foundation/BB/CC cream. I hope that answers your question 🙂


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