Inglot Lippie Haul & first Impression review

Hello lovelies ! Have an awesome Saturday and fabulous weekend . Make it more worth by reading this post 🙂 😛 .

Today I am going to share my first Impression review on Inglot freedom system square lipsticks . I must admit Inglot is that one brand who inspired me for makeup 😛 . I love the product range and the quality they provide with their every single new launch and yes it’s one of my favorite makeup brand .Well moving on to the review , Inglot has such a  wide range of square lipsticks that  you will get many shades to select starting from nude, brown deep ,bright red to base purple and what not ? you name it and they have it.

The best part of this brand which I really have never found in any other is that once your square box get over no matter its lipstick square box , eye shadow or concealer square box , you can always get it refilled from INGLOT stores.  By now , you must be getting confused what the hell square box am I talking about?

Here we go to get a glimpse of what square refill I have been saying:



It comes in this black color cardboard square box inside which you will get the product packed again in white transparent wrapper.The product reside in a metal square case , back side of which shade no is available and this  can be placed in your palette.


So Ingot Freedom System allows you maintain your own customized palatte by choosing your favorite makeup product. It can be anything like concealer ,eye shadow, cream blushers,  or for that matter lipsticks. So which means you can get an empty palette of one , two ,three , ten , twenty or forty  and then can arrange your stuff over there . Once any of the square gets empty you can get it refilled 🙂 YAY!

1- Packaging: 


Packaging is really cool guys , it comes in this sleek magnetic palette which makes it highly travel friendly and gorgeous. Also not only one particular product but you can put your cream blush to eye shadow or any product inside this palette. Below are my different makeup product which can get fit into this palette.Thumbs up to the packaging.



2-Swatches: Here are the swatches of the lipsticks I purchased from INGLOT  stores:


Seriously guys , I am in love with these shades . I tried putting shade number on top of each swatch for you. So that it would be easy to remember.

3- Consistency & staying power: Inglot lipsticks are very pigmented and the staying power is super super long lasting. To be bride can always go for it  🙂 without any doubt. Or If you are going to any party or marriage function , its a good go . Obviously I do apply it from lip brush for  good result. I use real technique lip brush for the same.


When it comes to consistency , these lipsticks are not matte though the matte version is also available in Inglot store. These are super creamy in texture. And you can always convert it  into matte by applying translucent powder on top of it. Here is the glimpse. I used very light swipe of shade no 38 and applied translucent powder for matte look.


I have one shot of mine where in I am wearing shade no 33 and here it is. It gives more plum lip look and I love it 🙂


mixed shade no 33 with tint of 56


applied translucent powder below on top of that to give altogether new  matte look.


Inglot Freedom System avaliable in Inglot stores. In Bangalore we do have the store in Garuda mall, Brigade road. Also refill is available in

NYC is the creator of Inglot and in London many stores are there for the same.

One refill retail for 500/- INR. Just to give you guys an idea , I repeat its just that refill you will get for 500/- INR . For the first time if you going to buy the same then you must need palette as well depending on your need .As an instance one square lipstick in  a single cube palette is worth  1250/-  INR. So in that way one lipstick costs you 1250/- INR.

Go guys , grab these super sexy and glossy lip shades and enjoy!

For any queries or suggestion or any kind of related chat , please write down below in the comment section. And as  I always say..

stay beautiful…stay happy…stay stylish!


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