Review/Demo on Makeup Revolution Pro Highlighter

Hello Ladies ! Show off healthy glow, with radiant dewy skin.This has been the big look on the runway ever for winters wherein models had a touch of decent shine on their cheekbones and temples for a whimsical and slightly flushed look that was indeed feminine and untamed. Just a tiny bit of highlighter/illuminator can do magic with your face. Tried to capture the same radiant glowy cheekbones below . Keep reading and find out how to get that glow. Bolder and dramatic looks also a trend this season which I have already shared in my last blog Bold is the trend this fall..

I have this product since a long time in my vanity but somehow couldn’t get time to share the review on same. Today I am here 🙂 to unveil that one product which might be in your vanity as well after reading the review.Yes, I am talking about Makeup Revolution Pro Highlighter. This is that one brand which has been surprising me a lot lately, so going or this highlighter is no brainier for me.How it did the justice? Find out below.

So let’s start with the packaging of the product:

1- Packaging: It comes in quite a huge circular plastic pan but not flimsy at all.At first I was blown away by looking at this huge pan for the price it comes. Though the pan is slim but huge at the same time so I wouldn’t rate it for travel friendly item(It depends).But I must confess the product is GREAT for the price .




2- Swatch/Formula: The Formula is buttery , very pigmented , not powdery or shimmery at all and very easily blendable. When I first swatch it on my finger, I was amazed by the pay off. I somehow don’t like shimmery highlighter so I just love this product as it stands amidst all those high end subtle highlighter.Also to note this highlighter is very slightly golden in color which gives you sunkissed glam. Look at the swatch below:

very heavy and deep swatch on finger
free hand light subtle swatch
medium flush swatch

3- Staying Power: Makeup Revolution is that one rich brand that you do not have to worry about the staying power of its products.When it comes to finishing of the product, I can see the glow even after 8 hours of application.I generally prefer fan brush for the highlighting purpose as it tends to absorbs very minimal product from the pan and sometime I like to use  my contouring/blush brush Here are the brushes :

fan brush


4-Where/When to highlight?  As I said in the beginning that you can highlight your cheekbones, temples of your face, inner corners of eyes(for more glowy and wake up eyes) or for that matter brow bone as well. Depends on occasion, season and of’course mood ;). Like If we are going to ready for any party, marriage function , Diwali celebration or whatever occasion (may be with the attitude , no occasion at all 😉  😀 who cares? I love highlighting so I don’t need any reason for doing the same 🙂 ) But yes these are the areas we can’t go wrong for highlighting. Not all the areas at one time. May be some day cheekbones, some day brow bone and yes also we can apply it down the bridge of the nose . One advice is please dust of the access from your brush and go light handed with very minimal product on.Checkout the flush on my cupid bow below.

5- Results: Well let’s be real , it’s very difficult to capture that highlight on camera . but still I have capture some pictures to show you guys. Not sure If it can be figure out with these pictures the subtle slight flush on cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. Let’s take a look

highlight on cheekbones



highlight on cheekbone
highlight down the bridge of nose

I have this soft gold touch Highlighter but having said that one can go for according to their skin type and shade. The one above I have discussed so far goes to every skin tone .

There are liquid highlighter and powder highlighters available in the market. As I do have kind of dry to combination skin so I used to go for Benefit’s High beam highlighter .But I’ve hit the pan 😀 ..soon we will come up with top highlighters

Hope you enjoy reading the review on my purchase.If you like the review hit share/like button and you guys can grab this product from NYKAA and also from AMAZON.

Product retails for 850/- INR. Link to buy below:

Makeup revolution Pro highlighter @NYKAA

Makeup revolution Pro Highlighter @AMAZON

Makeup revolution Pro Highlighter @Jabong

Please write below in the comment section in case you guys want me to review any particular product of your choice . I would love to do that. Also please share your views on the same in the comment section below again.Till then…

stay happy…stau beautiful…stay stylish!


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