So Matte!! Lip & cheek color

Hello my Angels! You there! Friday! Excited?? 😀 Well, let’s add some more excitement over here. Today I am going to introduce my new pick for this week  and review the same. Everyone is falling in love with either we talk  about matte lip stain, cheek color or  for that matter matte nail stain. So here we are  going to check the newly launched Lakme 9t05 weightless mousse matte lip & cheek color .


I surmise it’s been in fashion since ages that we ladies use our lip color as cheek color also. It’s not new at all but what I love that finally Lakme has given the perfect name to this newly launched 🙂 beauty. Moving on to the packaging:

1- Packaging: This is how the packaging  looks like as shown below in the pictures.Comes in rose gold bottle with a perfect wand. Believe me this wand makes your job so easy to apply the product on the corners as well as to shape cupid bow very well.And that’s what I love most about packaging. Also it is very travel friendly. I would give thumbs up to the packaging.



2-Texture: is quite soft matte which gives a very fine moist feel finish on the lips . Also its very very light weight as Lakme named it. It feels very weightless on lips which is again a plus point about this product.It doesn’t feel heavy at all like other matte lipsticks we do have in market and glides seamlessly with the perfect wand Lakme provided to the packaging.


3- Staying Power/pigmentation: The only concern I have is the longevity of the product.It stays only for 2-3 hour after that you need to touch up as it starts fading away from the center of lips and the blush lasts for 3-4 hour which is kind of okayish . I do not give yay to the stayimg power but okay to the price it comes.When it comes to pigmentation, OMG these lip stain are very pigmented that one dip of wand on bottle would be more than enough for application.

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4- Swatches: Here is the swatch of Pink Flush


Pink Flush &  Fucshia Sude:


5-How it looks on lips: I do have 2 colors of the product. One is Pink flush which is like pop up color and brighten your face quickly and the best part is , it goes with all skin tone whether you say Cool, warm or neutral undertone.Very glad that all the shades of Lakme 9t05 mousse weightless matte lip & cheek color goes with all skin type . You just select any shade and forget about whether It goes with your skin tone or not.



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Second one I do have is Fucshia Sude and that’s how it looks like . As wedding season coming again these colors will add more glamour to your vanity. 🙂

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6- Is it transfer proof? Well no not completely as it do transfer on glass .Its not so dry matte . So to avoid the same we can remove the excess right after applying the product by putting tissue paper on lips which soaks the excess of it. 🙂

These lip & cheek color retails for 575/- INR which is I surmise a very good deal altogether for lip as well as for cheeks :).

Buy it from Nykaa Lakme 9t05 weightless Matte Mousse Lip & Cheek Color

Soon we will meet again with brand new look / review/ demo 🙂 till then as I always say

stay happy…stay beautiful…stay stylish!!!


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