Wedding prep? Bright eyes look

Hola my loves! I know it’s been a long gap ever since I posted the last blog. Got very busy with the days back but yeah here I am back again with some exciting yet very easy look. 🙂

A lot of friends of mine are getting married this season and I am very excited , I surmise so do you in this wedding season. Well, lets walk through the look.


So this is the bright ochre eye look keeping very subtle and clam face at the same time .It all depends on you how do you want to recreate the same. Personally I like to keep any one feature loud having calm touch on others.This look I surmise we can keep @home during wedding prep days or let’s say for haldi kind of small chubby functions but not for any big function of’course as for function we will go for another look.How do we do that? please keep on reading.


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1- Prep your skin: As I always focus on prepping your skin before doing any sort of makeup whether it be loud, mild or very calm one, doesn’t matter. If you are not following this step then there is no point in doing makeup believe me. First It won’t look good at all.Second, it ruins your skin.Also always try to use good trusted products 🙂 . To prep your skin cleanse + tone + moisturize well  and you are ready for the further steps.

2-Foundation/BB cream : Apply any foundation or BB cream whatever you prefer most. I advice to go for some good foundation as I am not a big fan of any kind of CC or for that matter BB creams at all.I would rather spend my money in buying some good foundation.Apply in dots all over your face or use flat foundation brush and paint your face in downward stroke. Blend it all as I always say blend blend blend, blend is your friend.

3-Concealer/Correct: Conceal problematic areas on your face. Lets say dark under eyes/darkness around mouth or any sort of acne with MAC corrector palette. I use Medium MAC Palette. Go according to your skin tone.We do have all colors over there Orange/Green/Yellow etc.Once this done apply concealer  to brighten the areas like under eye, chin, cupid bow. I have used Lorreal true match concealer in the shade N-45 medium.And blend it all.

4-Blush/contour to glam: Apply blusher in any dark shade . I have used cinamom shade to give that warm color to cheeks. Believe me it looks so sexy 🙂 ;). Forget about so called pink blush. Atleast I am not a pink girl :p.I have  skipped on contouring here but contouring will add more glam to your face.

5-Setting: Set the conceal effect with any loose powder . I have used my favorite Inglot loose powder 🙂

6-Very calm lipppie: Use any calm lip shade to give more definition to your look. I have used Lakme 9t05 lip and cheek color lip stain in the shade velvet blush.

7- Highlight your face like you never do: Use Makeup revolution Highlight pro to highlight your cheek bones, temple area , bridge of your nose and cupid bow using your fan brush.Fan brush because it ensures very minimal amount of product and that’s what exactly we want :). I just love love love this step a lot.Baby you shine like so natural;) believe me.

8-It’s time for brows: Yay! the most sexy feature on your face. Yes its brows. Use any good brow kit or pencil to do the same.I have used today Maybelline brow duo shaper and I have been in love with this product lately. Guess what ? It retail only for 300/- INR :). Take time if you are beginner to shape your brows.It will just pop your face very nicely.

9-Eyes: Finally :P. Take any good eye primer or base before applying any eye product on the lids. I went for elf eye primer for this look. Apply nicely all over lid and blend it properly.First I took brown eye shadow from Sivana color palette and applied the same as a base color all over the lid to the crease. Do not go beyond that. Use any fluffy eye brush for the same. Once you satisfy with the base color. Go for Passionate pink in MAC eye shadow and apply it all on the V corner of your eyes . Remember only V corner, do not go to the inner corner of your eyes. For inner corner use Canary Yellow in MAC eye shadow and blend it starting from inner to the middle where your pink starts. Take blending brush to blend it all together to avoid any harsh line.Blend until you get satisfy with the effect.Take same brown eye shadow which we have used for base in angular brush and apply it on lower lash line which gives smokey effect..And that’s all 🙂 It’s so easy believe me to recreate the same.

10-Mascara/Kajal: Define your lashes with MAC pro long Mascara and add kajal to inner water line with Maybelline Colossial super dark Kajal :). Do apply Mascara on both sides of lashes to give fuller effect.

11-Fix: Fix all your struggle 😉 with MAC prep+ prime fix spray . Cover your eyes and spray the mixture all over your face.

Yay ! That is all . You are now ready to rock 😀 :). Please write in the comment section below for any comments/question or related chat.






We will meet soon with such more exciting looks until then

stay happy…stay beautiful…stay stylish!



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