Sporty chic look

Lazy Sunday? Well no worries make it in a more indolent way 😛 by grabbing a cup of tea and keep reading this story below. Happy reading!

Everybody loves the convenience and comfort when it comes to styling  and so do I .I love to get into sporty casual whatsoever look a lot than any other look out there.So, I thought of sharing a sporty , casual yet chic look I wore a day back.



Why Sporty ? Because it is very practical for the everyday look and easy to carry on.But we need to make it bit extra to differentiate with ordinary look. I went ahead with this Trend Arrest blue striped shift dress from @Jabong  which in my opinion is a very budget friendly option. Keeping in mind the trend , opted elbow length sleeves to add that extra oomph. 😉


Shoe are no doubt important one to finish your look. As we are here to get into sporty mood , I opted for plain white shoe from @ZARA_India



If you are a follower of my page , you must be knowing by now that how much I love messy hair-do no matter what look I am going to get in. I always love something messy in the whole look . Surely not a a fan of all perfect dapper look.

Hairstyle : As my natural hair is straight in texture  so I thought of carrying slight loose  bottom curls  .


Also to change the look , create a high or mid messy bun of your choice .


Accessories always make the difference in easier and comfort manner , depend how you go for it. Find out below how I used these beauties . Keep reading …. 🙂


Go for any sporty dusty color baggy style hand bag which complements your look . I opted Puma dusty green  handbag for the look.



If you belong to a very cold place then add this mustard coat from zara to complete the whole look  in a chic trendy way . You can definitely incorporate those sporty vibes, whilst still maintaining that chic factor by opting this coat cum shrug.Winters are meant to be for dark  colors . Choose wisely the color of your outfit .You can always mix and match between light and dark colors to give overall winter look.




Makeup : Yay !! my favorite section . Well, as we are talking about this sporty look so go minimal with the makeup.


  • Keep your BB cream or any light foundation like MAC face & body  handy.
  • Very nude lip or you can give touch of only nude gloss to your lip.
  • I would suggest to go clean with only eyeliner but if you are so kajal girl then lightly tight line your waterline with any good kohl as I did with faces kohl pencil
  •  want to look sun kissed?? can go for light bronze on your cheek bones and skin cinnamon blusher on top of that. I have used Makeup revolution palette for the same.
  • Don’t forget to keep it chic and stylish with any brow pomade 🙂 I went for P.A.C Cosmetics brow kit . I feel filling your brows is a must to get that extra oomph 😉


Also as we are already talking about makeup part thought of sharing my observation.I always observe this grumpy fact between girls wherein makeup seems to be a big bizarre + issue. Whoa! hold on! Makeup ! do you hear that ? Make + up which means enhance your look/ feature according to the occasion you are going for.

Applying only a kohl pencil also comes into so called ‘Make + up’  🙂 as you are trying to enhance your eye feature. So , lesson is not to be ashamed of saying you do makeup .Instead , go bold with whatever you like my girl 🙂 and be proud



Oh! Thought you love pairing shades with the look during day time. Yay?? Nay???

Well , Kidding!  so here I pair up black shades and a classic Skagen watch with the look.




I hope you love the sporty chic look. Please comment down below and show some love by hitting like/subscribe/share/reblog button .We will meet soon again with some thing new 🙂 till then don’t forget to keep it stylish !

Thanks for popping in !

Loads of love

~ Sheetal

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