Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil

Hi Everyone! It’s Sheetal from ‘TheBeautitude’ and today I’d like you to meet my current obsession Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama waterproof Gel pencil.

Maybelline has recently launched its lasting drama gel pencil and they have such a good collection of colors that you must be looking for to try out this summer. If you know me, how much I love colors. Start your color game with me and keep reading the post.

From basic liner to dramatic kajal or graphic eye look, achieve it all with this wonder pencil.  From outdoor to wedding shot , this gel pencil would be perfect to make you dolled up.Don’t you trust me? Keep reading and check out below 😉



Packaging: Well, I do believe in packaging of a product a lot as it plays an important role to decide on pros and cons. Maybelline lasting drama waterproof gel pencil comes in a plastic stick with a clear transparent cap on top of it.The cap doesn’t click while inserting the pencil inside it. But no worries at all , at first even I thought it’s not travel friendly as I was worried about loosing the cap and enters into mishap. Nothing like that, cap is tight enough to hold the stick into it.


It’s a sharp-enable crayon pencil but doesn’t come with sharpener. I use my all time favorite Studiowest sharpener which goes pretty well with many products.

1.1g priced at 499/- INR

Texture: Love,love ,love the texture and consistency of the product.I fell in love with the pencil because of this reason at first sight.It is so smooth and bright , glides like butter on your skin. (a good quality butter 😉 ). Color payoff is to die for , It is going to make you fain in one swipe.Ans as it’s waterproof , the use of the same to give a cat eye look or a basic liner is beyond good. No matter how watery your eyes are , defend your lines with this crayon pencil. But some of you may find it as a con because if you are planning to give a smudgey look using this pencil then its a bit tricky job . You need to smudge it within a sec of application.

Staying power: I am very happy with the longevity of the product. My eye lids are not oily (touchwood) and it stays for a good 7-8 hrs on my lids which means with oily eye lids it would go well for 5-6 hrs  that too without any kind of smudgey drama 😉

Once your liner is on , then who the hell dare?? 😉 there is no way to get it fade away from your eyes. As I already apprised, formula is so creamy like butter , so its easy to  place colors on lids of your choice. 🙂

Swatches: Here you can see swatches of the product. I do have two colors in maybelline lasting drama waterproof gel pencil

a- Lustrous Sapphire :



b- Silken Turquoise :




How  does it look on my eyes? checkout below 🙂

I have used sapphire pencil to create graphic liner on lids and turquoise on tear duct and lower lash line mixed with my black kajal on outerV.




1- smudge proof

2- staying power is pretty good

3- travel friendly

4- waterproof

5- multipurpose crayon pencil

6- Though it is waterproof but can be easily removed by using cotton pad and any makeup         remover or oil


1- doesn’t come with sharpener

That’s all in the review of Maybelline lasting drama waterproof gel pencil. Available at or any good drug store.

Please do write me in the comment section below, if any kind of suggestion or you want me to do review on any products. Do not forget to hit like and share button below if you like the post. 🙂 That would mean a lot to me .Till then.. stay beautiful..stay stylish…stay healthy


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