Interesting facts/Uses of MAC PREP + PRIME Fix+

Last night one of my friend had called me up and started a conversation on the same topic again . And the good part is, the question she asked, gave me an idea to write this blog on. She had visited me last week and she was like checking my vanity products. Suddenly, she picked this one item from my vanity – Hey! Why the hell you always use this MAC Prep+Prime Fix+? She said, If I go by name , I can figure out the purpose but you drive me crazy.You cannot use one product for so many purposes. 😉

Hello my lovely readers. How you all are doing? Today I am going to tell you quite some interesting facts about  MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ .


I know , going by the name , it gives us an illusion of a fixing spray or mist. And most of us having this misconception about this product. It’s not a fixing spray at all , meaning it won’t sets your makeup in place. The way you are supposed to use this is as a finishing spray or skin refresher. Now, There is a difference between fixing and finishing spray. I am going to explain how?

‘Fix spray’ is generally used after makeup to let it settle down quickly and also it sets your makeup for long . But, ‘Finishing spray’ you can use before or after makeup .You can use finishing spray before makeup to keep your skin hydrated.


We use foundation/BB/CC cream , concealer , blusher , contour  bla bla bla and finally a caked up face 😦 Isn’t it??? Don’t worry about that , keep reading 😉

  • When you use ‘Finishing Spray’ after makeup, It takes away all access powder from your face.By using the MAC PREP+PRIME Fix+ after makeup, your face doesn’t look powdery or cakey.
  • This gives very dewy and fresh soft look altogether.And it has many other characteristics other than just that. Keep reading 😉


  • Right after shower, you can spray MAC PREP+PRIME Fix+, it locks the hydration and keep your face moisturize all day long.
  • It can be used as a primer , as it acts a soothing moisture mist that refreshes the skin and create a smooth platform for makeup.
  • Now, my favorite part, I use it as mixing water or mode . Confused? Well, It’s not only a finishing spray but can act as a temporary fixer.

I do have some powdery eye shadows which are very difficult to place on my lids. So, I use this MAC PREP+PRIME Fix+ to spray it directly on my eye brush.Grab the product using that brush from the pallet and you are good to go.It will never give you unwanted fallout.



You can compare the fallout/color pigmentation using dry brush  in the 1 swipe and  wet brush with MAC finishing spray in 2 swipe.

Also, It can be used to  increase the pigment of any eye shadow , specially matte eye shadow as you know it’s very hard sometime to bring that whatsoever exact color we want from our matte eye shadow. It also intensify loose pigment or shimmery eye shadows.


we can create custom eye liner as well by making use of this spray. 🙂

Foundation + concealer trick with this finishing spray:

Yes, you heard it right. We can dilute our foundation with concealer using this finishing spray which would be very useful during summer when we want our makeup to be very light. It gives you very sheer coverage 🙂



Intensify your Highlighter :

Yay! You can intensify your cheek bone more by spraying this on your highlighter brush.

Last, but very interesting fact about MAC PREP+PRIME Fix+. Please note it down that we can use this spray to detangle  our hair 🙂 Spray right amount of product on your wet hair and you are good to go.

Availability: Easily available in any MAC store and Nykaa Online store

I hope you liked the post 🙂



Have you ever used MAC PREP+PRIME Fix+ ? In what many ways you have used it?Share your thoughts , I would love to read the same.

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