Skin Care Buzz – Deep Moisturizer

Hello my loves! What’s up? Well ,if you ask me? I am treating my dry skin with my luxury buzz skin care routine ;). So, I thought , why not share with you guys ?

I may be the last person to talk about this skin care creme. Today, I am going to share my thoughts + review on E-luminence Deep Moisturizing Plum creme.




It’s been almost 4 months , I am using Plum E-luminence Deep Moisturizing creme. And trust me its a savior or whatever you want to call for dry skin . Ever since I started using this as base, my skin does not break out at all. It will give me a sudden glow from within.Also not only during winter but works undoubtedly miracle in summer as well.

But let me tell you, this creme is to be used on only normal , dry or extremely dry skin. It’s not recommended for oily to combination skin type.So,Without wasting any time, let’s get started with the packaging of the product.


1- Packaging : It comes in a white cardboard box on which you can see some important instructions and uses. It helps the buyer while purchasing the item. I am really not a fan of a surprise white slip/paper which comes out of the box while unbagging the item. So thumbs up to the cardboard box. Creme is inside the box comes in a very transparent white rounded like  jar having a white lid. Just that you need to take care of that jar as it is made of glass.




2- What it claims? : Want to list down not all but few important ingredients which helps in deep moisturizing of skin and responsible for glow.

a- Vitamin E – To fight with free radicals and hence reduces any fine lines. Keeps the skin very hydrated all the time.

b- Jojoba Oil – As we all know, how good nourisher is this oil for the skin.

c- Red clover flower extract – reduces itching and calms down skin. Hence, good for sensitive skin as well.

d- White willow bark extract – natural exfoliant, helps skin renewal.

e- Grape seed oil – a top source of antioxidants for skin.Just like your diet needs antioxidants, so does your skin.

3- My Experience: This is one of the moisturizing creme I use as a base before my makeup. It hydrates my skin very much and as I said give glow from within. It is totally fine to use SPF/sunblock on top of it. Also sometimes I use this as a night creme as well. I guess after reading the content above , there is no surprise why I use this as a night creme. Isn’t it?

  • Creme has a milky white texture which gets blended on skin very easily.



  • Hydrates dull dry skin immediately


  • It is vegan


  • A paraben free product is the one I always look for and it satisfy the criteria very well.
  • Leaves your skin bouncy and radiant.

4- Availability : Buy it from Nykaa or Plum website online. 50ml priced at 575/- INR only.

There is nothing which I do not like about this product . Starting from it’s texture, consistency , result and even price, because of all these factor I would give 4/5.

1 point deduction for it’s unsuitability for acne pron skin.

Caution: If you have acne prone skin, please do not go for this product

I hope you all loved the review  and would be helpful for you . Soon we will come with new reviews and ideas.

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Please comment down below your views or questions if any , I would love to chat with you guys.Until next time , stay tuned to the ‘Beautitude’ and take good care of your skin 🙂


Sheetal ❤

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