Trend Alert: Gauchos/Culottes

If you know me how obsessed I am when it comes to loose, voluminous comfy outfits. And today we are  back with one of the such trend. Hello Peeps! How are you doing?

Yes ! it’s a delayed post as I literally had most exhausting past few days.Before directly jumping into the looks I’ve created , lets gather some bit of tech and knowledge about the title.So let me tell you that we are not the early adopter or explorer when it comes to Culottes.This fashion trend started back in Victorian era where in this piece of clothe which hangs like skirt and splitted mid-wise were developed for horse back riding so that women could sit astride rather than riding side-saddle.Not only for horse riding but the fashion was a success for many other purposes like cycle riding and playing tennis etc. Isn’t it cool?



And now they are the biggest trend again. It’s silhouette  for  all season, I would say. They are super comfortable and extremely flattering and  also called as gauchos .

Look 1 # Chic yet Smart

How can we forget stripes in the go? Simplistic, laid back style when these striped gauchos paired up with a tank or spaghetti  top.


I played off against the tone yellow of my tank top and added this piece of jewelry


You would never go wrong by pairing crisscross laced boots and a small black sling bag with this Zara striped culottes.


Look 2# The bigger the better

You might have already get an idea by now, that how super versatile and easy to wear this culotte is. Add some pop color for more cool and chic look . I went ahead again with Zara basic loose top and styled it by creating a side knot. And this is something my personal favorite .


IMG_20170509_215723_662 (1)


This top from Zara is so cool and loose that you can convert it into one shoulder top :). This is so breezy and easy for summers.


Look 3# Totally smart Victorian era


As this Gauchos trend is a serious comeback from Victorian era , I thought of adding small rounded collar neck top with the culotte which was also a trend in that era.



Isn’t it a classy look?

Look 4# More into formal but not really

These wide legged ankle length pants are for every shape and size.Generally it would be wide but if you want a bit tailored one, you can go for this navy blue, again from Zara. It is so easy to switch this look to a bit formal by pairing up a solid navy blue culotte.




Look 5# Dramatic look

How about giving a desi touch to the look? Slip into a pair of tank top and a bright silk dupatta and move from monotone to this dramatic look.



Joining this train, will turn your look to an indo-western 😉


IMG_20170514_204854_111 (1)

Accessorize the look by adding some off tone jewelry to it.


and I will show you how easy is to switch it back to Look 1. IMG_20170514_205239_189 (1)

Look 6 # Blue on Blue … Black on Black 

Don’t be afraid of slipping into a matching set. Pair a loose matching crop top / medium length top or why not kurta?





Shoe Story:

In all the above pictures , I was stick to only one ankle length laced boots.And I am happy that it did justice with all the look 🙂 You can pair a white sneaker or a shiny one to give more sporty look.





So that’s all from this story . One culotte and so many looks – So board the train of Gauchos and create funky,chic,formal and dramatic look.I hope you loved the look and it would be helpful to you by some or other mean. If you are going to recreate the look or create a new one , Please do share with me. I would love to see the same.

So how did you find the above look? Which one is your favorite? Show some love and Please do write me in the comment section below.

Picture Credit : PurniPhotoGraphy ❤

Makeup Credit : Sheetal | TheBeautitude

Shop the Look:

Striped Gauchos : ZARA

SOLID Navy blue Culotte: ZARA Official


Brown Boots : Qupid Boots From Myntra

Laced Boots : Truffle Collection

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Until next time Stay glamours … Stay happy .. Stay stylish.

Thanks for popping in!

Love ❤


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