Cannes 2017 Reloaded

Hello Readers!  Cannes 2017? Oh yes , am all ears. As you  know , Cannes news is all around . I am not a big fan of the festival though, but yes I am a fan of latest fashion and makeup art. Beauties from all around the world slayed the red carpet and took us on a journey of glamour. Deepika Padukone also made her debut to the Cannes film festival this time and what was arresting in her look ? Yes! her eye make up indeed.

Today I am going to decode the eye makeup inspired by Deepika Padukone Cannes 2017 look .


DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to be look like her. It’s just the eye makeup inspired by her look in Cannes. Also, doesn’t mean it will look exactly the same.There will be some modification.This disclaimer is also to the readers who are apparently not happy with my writing/content/pictures. I have a kind request to them , If you do not like my writing, my content , my pictures or etc etc. No one is grabbing your neck and forcing you to read the blog post. Come back later may be.

There are readers who are constantly encouraging and motivating me with my journey. Thank you to all <3. And please keep reading the post… 🙂 😉

@@@@@ black/brown Smokey eye @@@@@

This eye makeup is inspired by Deepika Padukone’s first look right from the Cannes 2017. I think for media interaction she wore this brown black sultry eye makeup and completed the look with messy high-hair bun and brown lips.




IMG_20170522_094525_950 (1)

I think this look is perfect for evening out or to attend some launch event.

****Products I’ve Used**** 

@@@@@ A stroke of turquoise eyeliner @@@@@

This is the second look of her from Cannes 2017 wherein she was wearing  a single stroke of turquoise bluish eyeliner which looks very elegant.Paired up with bright wine lip color.





I think this look is perfect for day time 🙂

****Products I’ve Used**** 

@@@@@ Dramatic Blue Smokey eyes @@@@@

This is her third look from Cannes.The dramatic blue smokey eye makeup with nude lips by Elizabeth Saltzman was totally arresting.





****Products I’ve Used**** 

@@@@@ Look inspired by Kayan contractor @@@@@

Now this is the look inspired by Kayan Contractor  from Grazia cover and my version of eye makeup 😀

IMG_20170520_193222_675 (1).jpg


IMG_20170522_101646_265 (1).jpg


IMG_20170520_193901_991 (1).jpg

hdidng the lashes with the same yellow color and light black mascara


****Products I’ve Used****

Have you tried any of these look recently? I hope you loved the looks. Which one is your favorite ? Please let me know in the comment section below and show some love.We will come back soon with a new story. Until then Stay beautiful….Stay Stylish….Stay Happy. Love Haters ! 😀 😉

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Makeup by me 😀 🙂  TheBeautitude

Pictures Courtsey: Diwesh Pandey

Picture credits :

Love ❤


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