Boho Chic – Fashion On Budget

Hey Peeps! I am a bit lazy nowadays and also not much active on social media, ( comparatively 😉 ) as I have been suffering from viral fever.But yes, today I’ve decided to chuck this sick feeling and blog this one as it is pending since long.

So, I bought these long maxi skirts last summer while doing street shopping in Bangalore. Yes! you heard me right 😉 I wanted to bring out Boho chic street style and as you know it’s a month of love, prosperity and Ramzan. So, I wanted to get fit into festive mode as well.

Without wasting money on buying a new stuff, I have decided to come up with the look which gets fit into both the mode and serves the purpose well. I am gonna detail you about the looks and penny spent on each.Why I call this Fashion on Budget? Well, let me tell you guys, I have not even spent 1000 rs ( I think 950/- INR or so, excluding footwear ) Yes! I did this shopping, under 1000rs and I am proud of that. 🙂 😀 YAY !


Well, what to wear with skirts , especially with a long one ? The very first thought strikes to our mind is , it’s super feminine , flattering  and not the casual thing of my wardrobe.

But what I want it to be more casual yet boho, loose fit, light-weight, a bit sheer , love and peace 🙂 Not a very tough job though to get into this mood. Pull out your bright, long skirt and pair it up with any white shirt. I went ahead with a sheer white shirt


and a bright green long skirt.

IMG_20170528_195748_330 (1)


This golden  Kolhapuri Chappals from the rack, is doing justice to the look.


Oops! I think a string got detached, of my old  Kolhapuri 😀

IMG_20170531_200828_515 (1).jpg

How about adding a contrast pop color to the white shirt ? To get into completely festive mode from this look, add a pop dupatta .

IMG_20170531_200116_240 (1).jpg

I believe we can always translate our surroundings or theme by the essence of jewelry.

IMG_20170528_203827_776.jpgI am not in a favor of hanging the ear heavy with this outfit, rather we can opt any light weight statement earring with a choker style neck piece.


I styled this silver charm bracelet on my wrist, which finishes the look beautifully.


Well, what about beauty bite? 😉 Since I am wearing a sheer white shirt , this moody plum pink color would do justice to the look.

On my lips: Maybelline Powder matte in the shade ‘ Up To Date‘ ( My latest crush,  Soon a review will be live)

Brows : Maybelline New York fashion Brow POMADE in the shade ‘Deep brown’ mixed with black powder cake from PAC brow kit.

On my eyes : lower lid + upper lid : Faces kajal

Face : Colorbar BB cream in the shade ‘Vanilla’ ( Soon a review will be live )

On my cheeks : Studio west DynaMatte in the shade ‘Radiance Blush

And that’s how the look gets completed. I hope you enjoyed the look. Coming to the Second look,


Thanks to our popular street style boho classic series, which encouraged me to come up with a similar look 😉 I always wanted to create a boho street style look with the stuffs I have already in my wardrobe. All I used a denim shirt, ankle length skirt, some statement boho jewelry and a white shoe. And here is the look




IMG_20170531_200903_722 (2).jpg

added same duppata as a cover up, which I wore in the first look 🙂





Jewelry : Red beaded hanging earrings with a boho neck lace

On my lips: Maybelline Powder matte in the shade ‘Up To Date’ which I really think keeping me up to date now a days 😉



Though I am almost done showing you the street style fashion on budget looks , I thought why not add ‘BEHIND THE SCENES’ ? Which literally means it was not planned at all to put these weird pictures over here, let’s see 😉

Tried this knotted  crop shirt which I shopped from Mumbai street market, a year back .Believe me this shirt was a stunner on top of this green long skirt, but somehow I couldn’t give a better pose for the same. ugh !


IMG_20170529_120338_359 (1).jpg

The second one , here it goes ( It was all fault of the breezy wind 😀 )

IMG_20170531_201043_037 (1).jpg

not sure, what I am trying to do here 😉


But I really do love these pom pom 😀

I hope you really loved the looks I’ve created  above. My personal favorite is the first look and do let me know yours? Which one you liked most and is your favorite?Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to spend some time on reading your thoughts.

So how much I’ve spent on this look is detailed below.

Long Green Skirt : Commercial Street , Bangalore , priced at 200/-

White Sheer Shirt : Collaba Market, Mumbai, priced at 120/-

Red ankle length Skirt: From a friday stall in our office premises, Bangalore,priced at 150/-

Crop shirt : Collaba Market, Mumbai, priced at 100/-

pom pom top : Collaba Market, Mumbai, priced at 100/-

Denim Shirt : Jayanagar  4th Block Market, Bangalore , priced at 100/- 🙂

Jewelry : All the jewelery from collaba market, priced @ 150/- (except the choker which I bought last year from forever21)

Total sum up is 920/- INR  😀 

Makeup  & StylingTheBeautitude

Photography Credits : Jayanth Photography

Stay tuned for such more blog updates on the beautitude blog space. Until next time stay stylish…stay beautiful….stay happy 🙂

Thanks for Popping in!

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Love ❤


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