PeeBuddy: I want to avoid those dirty public toilets. Do you? ft PeeBuddy

Hi my Angels! I hope Sunday is treating you well.So today’s post is going to be an awareness post.Read till the end 🙂

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The picture may have confused you , right? As I said in the title above, I want to avoid those dirty public toilets. And I really mean it.Are you also facing an unfriendly toilet?How many times, have you faced those stinky, dirty, awful public toilets?I guess the answers would be umpteen. Isn’t it? And it’s not the story to relate only when we travel or when we are on a road trip.Finding a clean toilet has been a task always. Even if we go to public places like malls, Hospitals,Railways/Metros, Highway or any outdoor, we cannot find a clean toilet most of the time. Sometimes, we women have no choice and have to go for unsanitary restrooms. We often do not realize but these unsanitary toilets can be the cause of UTI. What is UTI?

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Well, UTI is Urinary Tract Infection, an infection that affects the urinary tract.Symptoms from a lower urinary tract include pain with urination, frequent urination, and feeling the need to urinate despite having an empty bladder. Risk factors include female anatomy, sexual intercourse,diabetes,obesity. The bacteria and fungi sticked to unsanitary or dirty toilets may cause the same.Please  be aware and avoid coming into the contact of germs .

Now the question arises, then what should I do? Well, what if I would say , Ladies! No more sitting on those dirty toilets . Now you can stand and pee. For this post, I am very happy to collaborate with the brand PeeBuddy and spread the awareness.Recently, I’ve came across a blessing from PeeBuddy India which gives us freedom to stand and pee.


PeeBuddy is an initiative taken to spread more awareness about avoiding dirty toilets and to avoid infections like UTI. It also gives us freedom to stand and Pee.So let’s begin.

Pacakaging: It comes in a yellow green coated waterproof paper with white lettering funnel shape.




How to use it?

The good thing is you do not have to really drop your panties to pee.Move aside your panties and press the broader end of funnel against your genitalia.


Throw away after single use.

My experience?

I am really very happy with the intellectual concept , PeeBuddy has introduced to the world. It would be lot more easier for women now to avoid dirty toilets and pee in a standing position. Not only this, but I do believe those women who are suffering from any kind of knee pain or damage due to which they cannot squat or even may  not be comfortable sitting on English toilets, can use this wonder coated cardboard funnel.

Also I think this would be a savior to pee on the woods. You know what I mean right? Let’s say we are on a trek .Forget about dirty toilets  or clean toilet,you won’t find any toilets over there. We women always have to inspect the area around so that we can squat, drop our panties and pee safely. Isn’t it? By using Peebuddy Funnel, now we can stand like a men and pee with freedom.


You can avail the product from Amazon India and here is the link

PeeBuddy from Amazon

priced at 180/- INR for 10 funnel in 1 pack. ( Not bad at all)

Read about PeeBuddy , over here PeeBuddy

I hope after reading this, you will spread these words to your family, mom, friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter 🙂 And please, comm’n don’t be shy doing the same. There is nothing to be shame of. Spread the word, say No to Unsanitary toilets , UTI and yes to Hygiene and healthy life. 🙂

Hope you find the read useful and interesting . Please share your thoughts, questions. I would love to chit chat with you guys.

Until next time, Stay hygienic , stay healthy and stay beautiful.Stay tuned for succh more blog posts.

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Love ❤


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