Make time for yourself Ft. Jean Claude Biguine

Love yourself first and everything else falls in line. Keep calm and make time for yourself 🙂 Hey ! What’s up? Under pressure of office/business work or about coming Monday 😀 ? Oh common, chuck it. It will always be there. I am not sure about you, but I am very excited about the day  because it is still Sunday guys 😉


It’s time to forget everything and pamper yourself. So, this is in collaboration with a Salon brand ‘Jean Claude Biguine’ aka JCB. I’ve recently visited JCB at Phoenix Market City, Whitefield, Bangalore. And believe me I couldn’t wait further to share my experience with you guys. Also read till the end as I am going to announce an amazing offer to win from JCB.

So, last week I’ve received an invitation from Jean Claude Biguine to experience their services like  Hair cut , Manicure , pedicure. I was in a total mood to pamper myself  and  I opted for Pedicure as they say

Your feet mirror your general health. Let your feet breath as average pair of feet encased in shoe for approximately 14-16 hrs per day.

Foot retreat is the best option if you are tempted to treat yourself. It was a mixed feeling I would say when I accepted JCB invitation as it was my first time I chose JCB for beauty service. As soon as I entered the JCB Salon , I was greeted so nicely by the staff members which made me immediately so comfortable with the ambiance.IMG_20170707_211644_970.jpg



I was then introduced to my session expert ‘Sheetal’ ( Co incidentally Sheetal meets Sheetal 😉 ).We had a bit conversation about the session before it actually began which was really a great start of the service. And then the session starts like this:


Step 1: Trim the nails  and clear the polish.

It is so important to trim down the toe shape and let your nails breath by removing the polish.


Step 2: Prepping for exfoliation

She used an exfoliant cutical treatment and soaked the feet for about 5 minute or so.The product actually sanitizes and soften the skin for further process.

Step 3: Scrub & Exfoliation

Exfoliation  is an important step as it reduces calluses and dry dead skin on the feet.She used an organic scrub to do the same.Rinsed off later with mild warm water. My feet started feeling very soft and relaxed. Feet are one of the most ticklish parts of the body because of the 8000 nerves there. And I was very skeptical before as I always try to avoid that ticklish feeling we experience in the pedicure session. But here comes a surprise, she used a device which rolls on your feet and believe me you won’t feel that ticklishness at all.IMG_20170703_180907_183.jpg

Step 4: Message and Hydration

And then the deluxe treatment comes in picture where you will get a proper foot message and a foot mask to penetrate the hydration.Later she applied an organic moisturizer  and  messaged thoroughly

Step 5: Pretty Toes

Now comes the prettiest step where in she asked me about my choice of  nail polish brand . She had given me  3-4 options and I went ahead with so in trend OPI. Now the following steps were quite attractive to me.As she explained

  • Apply a base coat to help prevent the lacquer staining the nail plate and increase the life of your nail paint.


  • Apply two coats of  nail paint. The shade I went ahead with is ‘Can’t find my czechbook’ in the number 7011 OPI


It is such a beautiful OPI shade and looks something like this.IMG_20170707_211517_071.jpg



  • Finish if off the process by applying a TOP COAT . It will not only add shine but also protect the lacquer so that it will stay long.IMG_20170703_191141_045.jpg


and finally the HAPPY FEET 🙂 YAY

Now comes the amazing offer I was talking about in the starting of this post. Yes! you heard it right 🙂 there is an amazing offer JCB is running which is all about winning a Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel :). All you need to do is visit your near by Jean Claude Biguine Salon , fill in the voucher and put it in the bowl. You can be the lucky winner to take this Michael Kors Bag home.




Remember you are worth it and you totally deserve it. So, do not forget to visit JCB and pamper yourself. I hope you enjoyed my JCB experience story as much as I did. Share your thoughts and love in the comment section below. Until next time Relax, rejuvenate, breathe fresh, stay beautiful and stay stylish 😉



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