Idealization of Women – Mannequins?

IMG_20170711_110210_348Is she trapped in the state of perpetual youth reserved for mannequin in the shop windows?IMG_20170625_191429_859_1498448029587.jpg

Hello my Angels! How is Tuesday treating you so far? Well, this post is something very close to my heart and I wanted to share this thought with you guys, but somehow it’s been dragging since a while due to some other commitments.

Like any other usual day I was out for window shopping and have noticed these mannequins like I never did. When we talk about fashion, the so called perfect mannequins comes into picture which certainly do not match average women or for that matter man body, color , size and shape.Why I get to see only skinny mannequins in the store ? what they want to say?I could think of two scenarios.

  • Are they saying , hey! you woman, we represent you. Do you even understand what does that mean?

IMG_20170711_110658_242A woman should be in a size of 8  and a height of 187cm? If yes, then it is an awful idea, I would say.We women are outsize of size 10-12 as well. So does that mean fashion is not for us?Seriously?An average girl is much shorter than 187cm all over the world.An average Indian female height is 153cm , height 187cm is much taller than the average UK or US girl  ( average height is 163cm ). Why I am saying so, because we women are more likely to shop clothes when they are displayed  on a size similar to them.Also,by saying this, my intention is not to promote obesity or anything else whatsoever but to feel comfortable with the body type and size we do have. IMG_20170625_181337_324.jpg

  • Or may be few among them trapped in a size of 8? It is okay to have variety of sizes between 8-16 .Mannequins – But Why there is no variety when it comes to us , they question?Why we all are dolled up in a size of 8 and a height of 187 cm always?We want to allure women to shop what we are wearing. But it is not possible until and unless you will give us variety of shapes , size and color.IMG_20170625_181727Are these half bodies and still face  difficult to understand yet? No ,not really. Some says these mannequins are not realistic or breathing but I do feel they are not just plastic. In fact, they represent women body. And as if they are saying, hey ! sorry you cannot pull this off , as you are not as perfect as I am. Personally,by seeing a skinny mannequin in the store , sometimes I’d think Oh god! I cannot pull this off.IMG_20170711_110210_348


Lately , we have been noticing models of each shape and size showcasing their fashion through brands, which is one of the great step. Also I’ve seen  some advertisement from big brands saying now they will not abstract women or men dummies as well  to a specific size or height.

“It’s another aspect of the way our fashion industry goes toward a very thin aesthetic,” Rodgers said.He is a body image expert and a professor .

Representation of such skinny dummies can be dangerous too in a way that people get encouraged to get into that body shape and size which eventually leads to health disorder. Not only women , it affects men in similar ways. And I strongly believe these mannequins promote body shaming in some or other sense. May be forced to do that, who knows.I hope to see mannequins of every shape and size soon 🙂


As we are already talking about fashion, So I am wearing this beautiful plaid set from MissaMore clothing brand.I love experimenting fashion and love those fashion stories that are still unsold.

60’s was a decade of bold style , colors, over sized sunglasses and what not. It was the time of psychedelic prints,patches which is again hitting the stores.This is one of the look I tried.IMG_20170625_173532_710

Used this bandana as a stylish neck cover which reminds me of vintage cowl neck.Plaids are so in trend since 60’s. All these decades 60’s 70’s 90’s plaids were one of the major trend and so it is today.IMG_20170711_110939_353







Style a summer jacket with your plaid skirt.

IMG_20170625_175038_643.jpgA loose tee , any belt to tie and a summer jacket will turn the look to cool and comfy.IMG_20170625_174927_245.jpg





Plaid Set MissaMore

Over sized Tee Zara

Sunglasses Forever21

*****Credits *****

A big thanks to Jayanth @jbn7 for turning this shoot to reality 🙂 Love working with him.

Photography & Concept : jbn7

Makeup, Styling & Concept : Sheetal

I hope you liked the concept and the post . Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. It’s very important for me to read your views 🙂 Until next time, stay beautiful, stay stylish stay happy 🙂

Love ❤


45 thoughts on “Idealization of Women – Mannequins?

  1. Such a thoughtful post! I so agree with everything that you’ve said, beauty and any human being for that matter shouldn’t be constricted in one frame. Loved your styling and outfits! 😀

    xx Aditi

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so thought provoking… I have found myself often wondering why mannequins are kind of a fairness cream ad…. Having a realistic picture would only encourage shoppers to buy more 🙂
    The oversized t with the belt looks good


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