Better to be safe ft PEE SAFE

Afraid of those yellow drops on toilet seats? 

Hi ! What’s up? This is an awareness post in collaboration with ‘PEE SAFE’

Today again I am going to talk about the Issues we women face and how we can avoid that.So stay tuned and keep reading till the end. 🙂

If you have been following me, you must have read the issues I raised in my previous posts about unhygienic and public toilet.Those suspicious looking filthy yellow drops on toilet seats stare me badly as if they are going to harm.

IMG_20170522_101728_647 (1)

And those marks in the bowl are good enough to excuse and hover while using public toilet. And let me tell you there are consequences of hovering and not pushing properly while we pee. I’ve read the research papers that the muscles get extremely tensed when we start hovering while peeing which lead to incomplete emptying  of the bladder and hence bladder infections.But one may ask , sitting and relaxing on the toilet isn’t safe too.Then what should I do? Answer is ‘PEE SAFE’. Confusing?


Recently, I’ve came across this toilet seat sanitizer spray which claims 99.9% protection against germs and also removes foul odor. Isn’t it sound cool ? So , coming to the packaging of this product. It comes in a Green-Grayish combo color bottle.


Uses: Toilet seats, Toilet Tops, Flush, Door Knobs, Faucets etc.

Direction to use: Spray it on toilet seat from a distance of 25cm  & wait for 5 seconds to evaporate. As it consist of IPA formulation which start action after 5 seconds of application.


What I like most about the product?

  • Small & Compact
  • Travel friendly
  • protects us from germs and remove bad odor
  • I can keep this 40ml bottle in my hand bag easily.
  • Reasonable
  • comes in a pack of 2 bottles each 45 ml and priced at 300/- INR


So are you excited and ready to use an instant toilet seat sanitizer to experience safe and germ free toilet?  It’s time to put down those yellow drops, my angel.You filthy suspicious yellow drop, look down and vanish. I do have PEE SAFE now. 🙂


You ***** do not dare to stare at me again . PEE SAFE is here with me.

IMG_20170713_102429 (1).jpg

And that’s how the fear from this yellow drop came to an end 🙂 Grab your PEE SAFE from HERE


I hope you liked this awareness post . Please do comment below if you have any questions and suggestions.Also I am hoping you guys will spread the word of awareness.

until next time, stay tuned to the TheBeautitude , stay happy, stay safe and stay stylish 😉

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Love ❤


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