Skin Care routine Ft. SkinCareVilla

Hey my Angels! How is weekend treating you so far ? I wanted to do a post on skin care products I’ve received from SkinCareVilla since a really long time and finally today is the time.

I am not a person who takes care of skin much but now a days I am totally into it and lately I’ve started taking better care of my skin. So I’ve got an oat almond cleanser  and a Green Tea Detox Face pack. And these two beauties from Skincarevilla has become my absolute daily morning routine.



This is a detox mask which works wonder for all skin types and moisturizes skin from inside out.It contains Bentonite clay & Kaolin Clay which has soothing effect and will give your skin a natural healthy glow.It works as an anti aging as it contains Activated Charcoal powder and Organic Green Tea powder.

Packaging : This comes in a very cute transparent jar with a screwed black lid. It’s a very neat and clean packaging and the product is clearly visible from the jar itself. No fancy label on the jar.



How to Apply: The best thing about this face pack is its simple usage. We just need to apply a thin layer of face pack mixed with plain water.Let it dry for good 10 minutes naturally and wash it off with cold water.

I always prefer spraying toner and then adding a bit of moisturizer once we are done with removing the face pack.Repeat these steps daily to get healthy clear and glowing skin.


What I like most?

  • Reasonable price as it is priced at 250/- INR for 30gm.
  • Pretty easy to prepare a paste out of it.
  • The packaging is so neat and clean.
  • Moisturizes , heal and gives nourishing skin.

The second product from skincare villa is


The name of the product itself is so alluring that we can’t wait to try this out.This cleanser works wonder for all skin type. It gently removes the impurities and dead skin without drying which I like most about this product. I have very dry skin and the richness of almond and almond seed oil gives the needed moisturizing effect to my skin.


Oats are bomb for sensitive skin and an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acid and suits all skin type. It acts a gentle and effective cleanser .

How to apply: Wet your face with cold water.Add few drop of water to the cleanser and mix it well to make smooth paste out of it.Gradually massage your face in circular motions and wash it off with cold water.


Ingredients: Oats, Almond, Rose Petals powder,Almond Seed Oil and Grapeseed carrier oil.

What I like most?

  • 100% preservative free and chemical free .
  • Handmade products
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable in price as it is priced at 275/-INR  for 50gms
  • Removes itchiness, sunburn and irritation if any.


I am pretty happy to use these awesomeness from SkinCareVilla .Within a few days of using these two products regularly , my skin became much better. I would like to recommend you guys to try out these beauties and make them a part of your daily skin care routine. 🙂



You can avail these products from SkinCareVilla 🙂

I hope you liked the review and please do let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to chat with you guys 🙂

Until next time stay tuned to TheBeautitude blog space stay beautiful, stay healthy and stay stylish 😉

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Love ❤



40 thoughts on “Skin Care routine Ft. SkinCareVilla

  1. Wow, the idea of oat almond cleanser and a Green Tea Detox seems very interesting. I have never used any products from Skincarevila but given the positive review by you I would love to give them a try soon

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