Toy Story Ft. My Closet Diary

It was my fourth Birthday , and I still remember the excitement of the day. I tore the smallest  beautified present lying on the bed gifted by my parents. And it was a beautiful barbie doll. It was a mixed feeling as far as I remember . I was very happy to see that present like it meant the world to me, but at the same time it’s a confused state of mind and deep inside I was a bit worried. Thinking how much they have spent on that present as we were penniless back then 😉


Toys play an important role in our lives .Having grown up and reading toy story, I’ve learned a lot . Are you also a ‘Toy Story’ Fan ?Let’s get started then


  • Yeah ! 🙂 Well, do you remember that part when Andy got a new toy and he wrote his name on the feet of his beloved toy ? As if he sealed it so that the toy could remember whom it belonged to 🙂 Ever wondered whom we belong to ? We are too sealed by a relation so that we can remember whose we are . I’ve learnt this from toy story , ‘Do not forget whom you belong to’ It will of’course avoid the confusion 😉


  • But really who would think ever that a big furry toy was evil? Do not judge a bear by its soft cuddly fur . I have learnt never judge or assume anyone’s personality by their looks . Sure enough though !


  • Andy’s toys were all different and unique but he loved each of them anyway.What makes us unique  is what  makes us stand out from the crowd. You are unique , you are special . No one can ever take your place just like #BUZZ LIGHTYEAR 🙂


  • Squad goals like this? Troubled? worried? No problem! ‘YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME’ . True friend stuck together no matter what world is saying. No matter whether it’s sadistic condition or it’s a dangerous ride


  • Everyone goes through ups and down ,life isn’t about to be happy all the time .It’s really okay to be sad sometime 😉 I really do believe it’s when we are sad then only we can find out what can make us happy .


  • We all are just grown up kids fitted in bigger clothes may be . who knows?  Omg! now hell lot of thoughts running on  my mind 😀 These toys and toy story though plays an important part in my life and in everyone’s life for that matter.


I hope by reading all the above points we realize that Childhood is a big part in a Person’s development but have you ever think about the life of a street child? Beyond streets, does the child get any special moment and joy ?


As we have learnt by the first point that  we belong to someone so does that really mean they belong to Streets? Do they have toys to play so that at least they can learn something out of it ? Not really, we have to lend a helping hand to them in finding out their true abode. There are more than 400,000 street children in India.  Ever wondered what can  we do ? If nothing, at least do not trash a toy.



And that’s one of the lesson We’ve learnt from ‘Toy Story’ 🙂

The toy store is indeed my happy place 🙂 How about you ?

Hey my Angels! How have you been? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading  this and may be agree with me on at least one point . Please let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to chit chat with you guys <3.

Until next time , stay beautiful & stay stylish. And yes ! Do not forget to stay tuned for the continued part II …. where?when? Shh! stalk MyClosetdiary

****** CREDITS *****

Special thanks to my co blogger Namrata from MyClosetDiary with whom I worked for this special shoot and I enjoyed a lot working with such a talented soul.A big thank you to my whole team for making this happen 🙂


Love ❤






41 thoughts on “Toy Story Ft. My Closet Diary

  1. I too love toys and toy stories. And agree with all your points. You both are looking damn cute in all pictures with amazing and colourful toys. Toys are very important in everyones childhood days. But i feel very bad too for the street children . They cant afford to buy a single toy even. So we should donate toys also like money or clothes for street kids. They also have the right to play with toys . Very beautiful message you have teach us through your post which we all have forgotten. Thanks for this lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve penned down a beautiful message in this post. I’ve never thought about itm The next time I donate clothes to poor children, I will make sure to denote them some toys too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow…..njoyd every single word….I totally agree that childhood memories are the best….u must have njoyd d shoot too…n appreciate ur concept of donating toys…as our favourite toy can be favourite of someone elso also…..

    Liked by 1 person

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