Neutrals in my closet – Beyond Imagination

They live in everybody’s closet whether you hate it or love it . Get inspired by it or dissuade it, It’s all up to you. Neutrals & Military style has taken a stronghold on the runway this season.Playing with neutral is safe, timeless and chic sometime.Do you really think, neutrals are boring?  I feel that’s  the space where life begins and where one becomes more creative.

Neutral is a new Bold

Neutral colors are not at all boring for me, they in fact offer colorful opportunities. You know what I am trying to say right ?

Military Muse & Street style


It’s all mind game, to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.The first thought comes to my mind, when I hear the word ‘Military’ is Confidence & Leadership. Change your perspective and show up with a better version of yourself. You think neutrals cannot be matched with your vibrant personality? and did not work for you? Wrong! Your personal style will come more forefront and will allow you to show off your creative mind indeed. If your ideas are colorful then gray/black/white would indeed plays an important role.

Military is a new Neutral




Neutral is beyond Imagination

Neutral does not imply aloofness, coldness or any lack of feeling. A clam neutral backdrop says there is always a room for a pop of color in my life. It allows  me to bring out some bold elements.

I chose this pop of ‘RED’ color with the neutrals so that it can come out more alive and be noticed.

It looks great in fall or any other time of the year, goes with any accessories, hair or skin type.They act as a backdrop for fashion colors. Building your closet with different hues of neutral is not a bad idea at all, but just keep in mind dark neutrals make you look thinner as wearer and light neutrals make wearer look bigger . That’s how I always end up wearing dark neutrals 😉 You can wisely decide on your choice.



Best investment of my wardrobe to get attention 

Undoubtedly, neutrals are the best investment of my closet as it can be worn again and again with a new style every time.



Mix and layer well

The temperature is dropping and my obsession for layering is rising day by day. Layering  a neutral over a neutral has become my new favorite.



What Neutrals in my closet taught me is to remain Calm & Move on Politely 

Neutral colors taught me to remain calm against negative criticism. Do not waste your energy and give rise to feeling of inadequacy.Betray the anger inside you and exit gracefully.

Fools can find fault, but they can’t act anymore wisely. – Langbien




Hey Guys! Whats up? I am very excited for the day ahead. How is the day treating you ? And what do you think about those ‘Neutrals in your Closet’ ? 🙂

Do let me know which above look is your favorite? I hope you keep visiting this space more often for such more updates.

Until next time stay beautiful,stay strong & stay stylish ❤

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Love ❤


41 thoughts on “Neutrals in my closet – Beyond Imagination

  1. Just love your styling and dressing sense. This military shirt on overall black attire looks fabulous and you carry it very beautifully and creatively . And your red shoes gives you more sporty and funky looks. And the best part is that red pop on the head going great with all your looks.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved the way carried it off. Though its all about neutral, you loaded it up with your attitude and looks. The head wear though is little contrast, suits with overall looks

    Liked by 1 person

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