A night in Leh before trek

No doubt, it was the coldest month and I remember that biting cold temperature of -14 degree Celsius as soon as I stepped out of my comfort zone and landed in Leh airport.It was a beautiful serene journey of 1hr 15 minutes  from Delhi to Leh airport .

The weather was extreme.I was aware about the temperature numbers, but I am a Pahadi (who belongs to mountains) and was indeed over confident to experience it. But let me tell you the truth, I barely last outside for 5 minutes before I scrambled back to the airport room.



And with that, a never ending journey begins. We headed towards the lodge in Leh city wherein we spent the first day doing literally nothing . And the temperature is no better either. Second day, we started taking short trolls around the market and searching for some good food .




I’ve already started realizing that my body is struggling a lot (means a lot) to adjust with the below 0 degrees Celsius temperature.  I was hungry  and we have ordered that special thupka (soupy noodles) with momo combo (dumplings) but I couldn’t have a single bite and I puked.My body was not behaving well and I was loosing hope.


Same night, we all trekkers gathered for dinner at the lodge itself. And I realized, it’s not only my body behaving so rude, but others were also discussing the same topic.Though I was not well for the first few days in Leh but still I was very very excited to begin my journey . Suddenly,  I heard a conversation coming from a large  group of  trekkers  like this year is worse w.r.t heavy snowfall in Leh , many died and many are stuck .Hence, we should not continue our journey from here. We all should get back to our place where we would be safe.


And believe me 🙂 you will get to hear  lots of comments /opinions( I am not saying right or wrong) like this , when you are on for an adventure. Cold is just a state of mind, I realized later. Give time to yourself , try to understand the nature , the climate .Don’t get demotivated by comparing yourself to others , focus on your path  instead and the progress your are making.That’s the motivation which keeps you going.


Believe me or not, it matters a lot with whom you are travelling.


IMG_1409 (1)


By the way, the question is what we all were prepping for? What is it ,we were excited for? And the answer is,

To Walk on Mighty Chadar, Yes you heard it right.

Chadar Trek 2017

Third day was indeed blissful, my body learnt to adjust well with the climate.We started preparing with short hiking. And that’s how I learned to fail , believe me failing isn’t the end.

You must be curious of that large group of trekkers with whom we met last night?

Well , they went back and cancelled their trek.

PS: I hope they are not reading this post 🙈

When you fail, you learn from the mistakes you made and believe me it motivates to work even harder. In this journey of ‘Prepare To Fail’ you would meet many obstacles to demotivate you  and make fun of what you do. The call is yours, its your journey, not theirs of’course.

It’s just the beginning and the glimpse of how we prepped for the trek . The journey ahead is more interesting, adventurous  and alluring . That delicate crystal sky above and so the frozen river below is very excited to share their part of the story with all of you.

So hold on tight and stay tuned for part II . I am going to take you to the chilling altitude of  11,123 Ft & 20,190 Ft. Here is a sneak peak , what’s coming next.



IMG_20170908_111720_418 (1).jpg


Hey my Angels! How  are you? Well,  I’ve decided to divide this  beautiful and unforgettable experience into different parts so that you guys can relate and enjoy every bit of it.Also I can’t sum up my whole experience in just one blog post.

Did you enjoy reading this? Are you excited for the adventure ahead?

Do let me know your views and I would love to chit chat with you guys.

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Love ❤




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